Here are a few photos of a school bus David converted into a custom camper.  It features a wood exterior, fabricated curved metal rear end, an under carriage pull-out kitchen, and a propane refrigerator in a vintage housing.


  1. Wow! This is awesome, did some of the wood you use come from an old bowling lane ’cause that’s what some of it looks like, great job!

  2. I’d love to have one of these made for me. How absolutely wonderful!

    The camp lanterns are ingenious. I assume they are wired in with dimmer capable LED?

  3. Hi! I have a pic of the camper at Pocono International Speedway with the group talking to Mike Helton and Robin Pemberton. Then a year or two later, at Richmnond International Raceway, I spoke to a Mike (?) (who was friends with the campers next to us Darlene and Don), I believe, who was with the group in Pocono..small world! I love the look of the RV..excellent 🙂

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